Do you have clients who need help creating or unlocking strategies that will drive sustainable and solid business growth?

Our Accountants Collaborator Growth Package is designed with you and them in mind.

You will have already identified those of your clients with real potential, those who are ambitious and passionate to push for tangible change. Those who are highly energetic and motivated with a strong determination to succeed and a curiosity that allows them to continually seek new opportunities, but at the same time are not achieving the growth success that appears possible or that they ultimately deserve.

This is where we, at Business CoPilot, can help.

We are a business strategy and growth consultancy with a love of helping others achieve their vision and goals. We support owners and management teams to provide solutions that accelerate their business and build sustainable growth, whatever the industry.

Where to start?

Many businesses have benefited from taking our free, no-obligation, quick and easy Business Maturity Survey that highlights those areas of their business that they are strong in and those that might need more attention.

We focus on the 5 Growth Enhancers. This, along with a free 1-to-1 call with a non-judgemental listening ear, is often sufficient to provide the management team with the confidence to make some initial and valuable changes that will boost performance.

Working together

Our Accountants Collaborator Growth Package is designed to enhance your service offering to your clients.

We offer our free Business Maturity Survey and a short 1-2-1 call to those reaching out for assistance and we are extending our offer to partner with selected Accountancy firms for the benefit of their clients.


Here are some of the ways that we can help:

1. A monthly no charge face-to-face or ZOOM visit with two clients of your choosing that are seeking growth and would like to discuss their specific issues with our consultant
2. A growth webinar – working with you or your team we will host together a bi- monthly growth webinar for the benefit of your clients. They can ask questions or request information in advance to ensure the webinar content is geared to answering their questions
3. A monthly email focussed on growing a business – practical advice and insights that will help all business owners to grow
4. A deep dive diagnostic review of their business to understand the internal and external drivers for growth and how they deliver on the 5 Growth Enhancers. After which we write up a business plan for them. This high value service is a paid for one, the cost dependent on the size and complexity of the client’s business
5. If you would like to grow your own practice, we could offer a monthly review meeting to discuss your business and ways to promote it to achieve your own growth goals

If your client sees the longer-term benefit of working with us, we will design an initial consulting package that suits both parties.

If you would like to discover how our services will help your clients, please visit our website at or alternatively contact Rob Hook on 0117 230 3166 or

Together we can help your client figure out their problem and make their awesome product or service more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.